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I will not play Tug-o-War, I'd rather play Hug-o-War. Where everyone hugs, instead of tugs, And everyone giggles and rolls on the rug. Where everyone kisses, And everyone grins; Everyone cuddles, And everyone wins.
-- Shel Silverstein --
Lloyd & Hard Rocks PeaceMaker LUA Pay It Forward, LUA Bravado's Grace, LUA Breath Of Heaven
Llovin' Llamas at Lash's Unique Animals

Llamas have been a part of our farm since the early 90's, and they are a huge part of our lives.
We really love them. They are easily managed with wonderful dispositions. Genetic strenghts play a large part in selecting animals for our diverse llama herd. Correct conformation, disposition, color, size, fiber, and bloodlines are all given careful consideration in our breeding program. We also really enjoy showing our Llamas at Llama shows, and go to quite a lot of them. We are members of MLA (Michigan Llama Association), ILR (International Llama Registry), Lifetime members of The ILR-SD (International Lama Registry Show Division), ALSA (Alpaca, Llama Show Association), and lifetime members of
The LFA (Llama Futurity Association). We believe in supporting our industry.

Tami has written several articles for various magazines. You will find her informative
writings to be educational. If you would like to receive some of her writings or to view our
current ad promotion material
send us an email. She has also served as a Key note speaker for some of the largest Camelid Conferences in the Llama Community. She enjoys doing this and would be available to share her lifetime experiences. Additionally Tami is a Clinic Instructor and has served in this capacity for both Show Associations as well as on the level for youth and 4-H and she would be willing to share in this capacity for your upcoming Clinics.

Our Llamas have taken many top honors at the Grand National and Regional shows.
WeBeanhalter break all of our llamas, and those we train for show, we train for halter classes
and some are trained for the performance events. We generally are able to offer many
well trained, show winners and pets for sale. Most all of our breeding llamas are
halter champions and most all have champion lineage.

Some of the bloodlines that travel throughout our select herd of llamas include: Hard Rock's Bravado; LAMS Nutcracker; Woodsedge Phast And Phurious; Peruvian El Gris; MGF Argentine Don Macho; MGF Renaissance; Peruvian Kantu; Peruvian Keno; Peruvian Maximo; Peruvian Secret Weapon; WLK Heat Wave; Peruvian Georgio; Riny's King Crimson; Silver Peru; RAR Richochet; Chilean Leroy Brown; RAR Chilean Magnet; Whist; Star Adonis; GC's Chock Full O'Nuts; One Standing Ovation; MRLE Adonis...Almost all of our Production Females are Halter Champions with many of them being named National Champions and/or National Champion Producers.

All of our llamas are halter trained, with many being show winners. Some of them are performance trained as well, or come from performance winning bloodlines. We support all fiber types, and for many years have included various wool types into our breeding herd. We appreciate the grace and elegance of our classic light wooled llamas. I will always be attracted to what these llamas offer in their frames and presence. We enjoy the fiber of our fine silky llamas. We love the beauty, sheen, and the lock definition in our suri llamas. We have many Halter Champions in our llama herd. If you see a certain llama on one of our pages, please do not hesitate to inquire about their availability. Most of our offspring are available for sale. We also offer proven breeding animals,
bred females, show winners, pets, etc., just give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to share our llamas with you and let you know if we have just what you are looking for!

Feel free to browse through our llama pages and see if their beauty and majesty captivate you the way they have captivated us. One of the things that attracted me to llamas is their calm gentle spirit that works far better off of trust than ever off of pain or intimidation. If new to the world of llamas, we will be happy to share our experience with you. Once you "hang out" with a Llama you will quickly see how the outside of a llama with their gentle spirit is so good for the inside of man, woman and child. Send us an email if you have any questions, or would like to know more about the world of llamas.

Lloyd & Tami with a couple of their favorite llamas.

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