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Featured below are current offspring that we have, females first followed by males. When our offspring become a year old, we will move the females to the maiden female page. As you scroll through our website you will see the quality our farm upholds with breeding and raising Show Champions from Proven Show Champions. Some of our offspring are offered for sale. We offer special package discounts; will work with you on needed payment plans, and we are willing to entertain offers. It is our goal to make sure our llamas leave here happy and with a friend if need be. A reference Sire section is at the bottom of this page to show the sire's of our offspring. Most of their Dams can be seen on our website as well. Please feel free to Email us with any questions or interest.
2017 & 2018 Offspring, Females first, followed by Males, Youngest to Oldest
**********************2018 FEMALES********************

LUA The Hand Of Miracles

DOB: 6/08/18
(MGF Argentine The Masters Hand x LUA Bravado's Heaven Sent)
This special young lady has quite a story. If you have followed me on FB you know some of it. She has made such a miraculous improvement since she was born. We are ever so grateful for her, and for every prayer said for her. Thank You.

LUA Wave's Of Royalty

DOB: 5/23/18
(WLK Heat Wave x LUA Thanksgiving Status)
The definition of Royalty is of royal blood or status and that is exactly what we have here in this gorgeous gal! Her dam
has produced 3 National Champions, one of them who is a two-time National Champion! Her sire has Sired multiple National Champions as well! We are so grateful to have this little beauty, along with her two full sisters, and one of her maternal brothers here on our farm! We are looking forward to what the future has in store for this special Royally bred gal! These pictures were taken the day she was born!


LUA Happy Blessings

DOB: 04/15/18
(Oh Happy Day x LUA Wave's Of Victory)
Once upon a time there was a llama born affectionately called 'Lovey', aka LUA Wave's Of Victory. Lovey had an extremely difficult entrance into our world, and it is a miracle that she is here today. Lovey was born to National Champion LUA Bravado's Victory, sired by National Champion Bravado and out of National Champion Final Choice. Lovey went on to be named National Champion Juvenile female in 2014. In 2017 Lovey was bred to National Champion Oh Happy Day (whom both his sire and grand sire are National Champions), and the result of that special pairing is this girl we have right here.

His Blessed Assurance
DOB: 04/10/18
(SRLL Feyd x HF Stacey)
What happiness it brings to have a full sister to Valerie. This girl has been special since the day she arrived. With a 39 lb. birthweight she came in large and strong. We are grateful to have her and several family members here on our farm.
**********************2017 FEMALES********************

LUA Wave's Of Hallelujahs

DOB: 11/28/17
(WLK Heat Wave x Ovation's Curtain Call)
The word Hallelujah means "Praise The Lord"! We have so much to Praise The Lord for! All of our fall Heat Wave cria have been boys...very nice boys, however boys all the same. Curtain Call was 1 week overdue, and with that in mind we were certain she would deliver a boy. Monday night she came inside quite uncomfortable, and it appeared she may deliver through the night. She did not. She let us get a full nights rest. First thing Tuesday morning her labor took over and in no time she delivered this stunning GIRL! PLUS we've had an extraordinarily cold fall...Curtain Call picked the warmest day of our present warm-spell to deliver! Praise God again! Our fondness and appreciation for Heat Wave needs no explanation. I have forever been a fan of One Standing Ovation, the sire of Curtain Call. We have been so grateful that Don allowed us to purchase Ovation's Curtain Call and we sing Praises for this darling! Darci attended her first show in June and did well!

LUA Bold Happiness

DOB: 10/14/17
(Oh Happy Day x LUA Bravado's Bold Expectations)
Pretty special female here. She already has a pending waiting list. For now she is a keeper! Thank you for all of the interest. If one looks at her pedigree and spends some time there researching, you will see Multiple National Champions. 2018 UPDATE Bold Happiness has been to two shows and has won first place both times & she was named Grand Champion!
Visit our Winner's Circle page to see how well she has done!

LUA The Hand Of Hope

DOB: 10/02/17
(MGF Argentine The Masters Hand x LUA Glorious Status)
This darling will be a lot of fun. She certainly has a charming disposition and is a real joy to have on the farm.
With the Purple genetic makeup of mom, she will stay on the farm no doubt. 2018 UPDATE Hope has been to two shows and has won first place both times! Visit our Winner's Circle page to see how well she has done!

LUA Isn't She Wonderful

DOB: 09/14/17
(LUA Wave's Of Wonder x LUA My Darlin Status)
We could not have wished for more when this little beauty was born. Darlin is a fantastic first time mom! The whole time I spent with her that day the song "Come To The Alter" kept playing in my mind ...especially the chorus: 'Oh what a Savior, isn't He Wonderful, sing Hallelujah Christ has Risen'! Very soon her name came to me: Isn't she Wonderful because
HE IS SO WONDERFUL! Thank YOU LORD for this gift!! 2018 UPDATE Wonderful has been hitting the show ring and she is doing very well! Visit our Winner's Circle page to see how well she has done!
below are 3 specially selected females added to our farm

HF Paris

DOB: 12/08/17
(SRLL Feyd x Stevies Own Lil Paris)
When we were working out our purchase package with her breeder it was only fitting we add Paris. Having been so fond of two of her maternal siblings during their show careers, and being a pretty big fan of her sire's offspring, it was only natural to add Paris into our selections.

HF Layla II

DOB: 10/29/17
(SRLL Feyd x HF Natalie)
Layla's Dam, Natalie really caught our eye when she was in competition. When her breeder offered Natalie along with her daughter, Layla we were fairly certain we would bring her here to our farm. Layla has been a part of our 2018 show string and she has done very well. She is a female we intend to show some more and then retain as part of our breeding herd.
You can see all of Layla's 'Winning Ways' on our Winner's Circle Pages!

HF Sophia

DOB: 10/17/17
(SRLL Feyd x HF Lexi)
While working with her breeder in making our selections we did not intend on Lexi and her daughter Sophia. However he kept telling us we needed Lexi and how very much he liked her daughter. He was disappointed we did not have her at our first couple shows but she needed more time in order for us to be able to present her. At her first show she won her class and we do intend to show her some more and then retain Sophia as part of our breeding herd. She is a big girl! You can see all of Sophia's 'Winning Ways' on our Winner's Circle Pages!
**********************2018 MALES********************

LUA Rise Up Happy

DOB: 04/27/18
(Oh Happy Day x Needmor's Rise And Shine)
This is a pretty strapping young male! He is fancy and he is a show off! If you seen my FB video that was posted the day of the Preakness race, the one with our crias running their own race, this guy was the instigator, and the winner! He is all about fun and play and then when he stops he is upright and forward in his stature. He is the first offspring if his dam, and even though she went full term he seemed a bit dysmature. She is a wonderful mom with plenty of milk and he gained well. He is smaller and his ears were flopped down by the sides of his head...Looks like his ears will end up with the same 'hook' of his dam & maternal grandsire. 7/05/18 Update he will have the same ears as his Dam! Really cool. He will be a lot of fun for someone. He has been spoken for, Thank You!

LUA Redeemed Status

DOB: 04/01/18
(Status Symbol x SPCL Eminence)
Affectionately called "Hoss", a special nickname of my Father who passed away just 8 days before his birth. Hoss was born on Easter SONday while we were gone to Church. We were so grateful for this young male to be born! His Dam has been a top producer for our farm and she comes from a long line of genetic powerhouses! All of her offspring have earned Multiple Championships and expect the same for Hoss! He has all the caliber to then go on to be a cornerstone Herd Sire for some fortunate Farm. Hoss has been spoken for and will leave here at the side of his Dam. Thank You!
************************REFERENCE SIRES ************************

Hard Rock's Bravado
Mega National Champion Sire
Mega World Futurity & Show Champion Sire
sire of:

LUA Bravado's Spiritt

WLK Heat Wave
Mega National Champion
~ Mega World Futurity & Show Champion Sire
sire of:

LUA Wave's Of Prayer
LUA Wave's Of Hallelujahs
LUA Wave's Of Triumph

Star Status Symbol
(pictured as a yearling)
Multi National Champion Sire
sire of:

LUA Redeemed Status

LUA Wave's Of Wonder
Finished Halter Champion

sire of:
LUA Isn't She Wonderful

MGF Argentine The Master's Hand
Multiple Champion Sire
sire of:

LUA The Hand Of Hope
LUA The Hand Of Grace

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Oh Happy Day
2016 National Champion
sire of:
LUA Happy Blessings
LUA Bold Happiness
LUA Rise Up Happy
Splashes Of Happy
LUA Color Me Happy