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You may not be an angel 'cause angels
are so few but until the day that one
comes along I'll string along with you.
-George and Ira Gershwin, "I've Got a Crush on You"

Below are our maiden females. Most all of these girls on this page have winning show records, and will range in age from one year on up, until she becomes a Mom! Some may be for sale. Feel free to Email us if you spot a special lady on this page that piques your interest, or if you have any questions about her. Sire photos of our maiden females can be found in our Reference Sire section at the bottom of this page. If we do not own the Dam, but have a photo of her, she will be shown below as a Reference Dam within the Reference Sire section.

LUA Sebastian's Delilah

LUA Sebastian's Delilah is the 2021 ILR National Reserve Grand Champion Silky Female!
DOB: 9/07/20
(DDH’s Sebastian x LUA Glorious Status)
We have a STUNNER here folks!! Love every single thing about this girl!! She is Beautiful! She is a full sister to our lovely LUA Symphony Of Praise, and that is the reason we bred mama right back to Sebastian! Glorious has given us Greatness in her production since day One! She is also the dam of the Awesome LUA Bravado's Triple Crown; Multiple Grand Champion: LUA Splashes Of Happy; and Multiple Grand Champion and 2 x Res. National Champion LUA Bravado's By Design! Sebastian is a National Champion and he is sired by a combo that produced quite possibly the most Champion Winning offspring on record, and that was the offspring from the pairing of the late Greats Hard Rock's Bravado and Final Choice, both National Champions themselves, and both multiple National Champion Producers! You can see and read more about him on our Herdsire page, as Sebastian's Dam line is extremely impressive also. Click here to see all of her winning ways

LUA Sterling's Moonlit Miracle

DOB: 09/23/20
(LUA Sterling's Sensation x LUA Bravado's Brilliance)
We certainly could tell a story here, however we will stick to the basics. We believe mama had angelic help during her near midnight delivery. This is one incredible female! She is a tall drink of water, and she is out of our Multiple Champion and Multiple Best Of Show Champion Producer: LUA Bravado's Brilliance, dam to such Greats as LUA Wave's Of Chrome and LUA Wave's Of Brilliance! Miracle is sired by our National Champion, multiple Best Of Show Champion: LUA Sterling's Sensation. Sterling's sire is a full sibling to the late great BAL Renegade. We will see what the future has in store for this gal! Miracle has been the number 1 juvenile female up to September 2021!! Click here to see all of her winning ways!

LUA ShowMe Your Glory

DOB: 09/18/20
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Glowing With Glory Status)
Oh boy oh boy oh boy, wait we have a GIRL!! YAY!!! Our lovely giant Glory has given us all boys except for our National Champion producing: LUA Bravado's Bold Expectations. With all of the Blue born from Show Stopper we just naturally thought we may see another stunning son from this pairing. However 'The Heaven's' had this amazing darling in store for us and I just love her!! Some will remember her National Champion Dam's 'Glory Days' in the Show Ring! She won the Coveted Best Of Show honors during one of the largest shows of that time, The Celebration Classic in OKC, under BOTH Judges!! She is affectionately called 'Nugget' because she certainly is a nugget of both parents! She is sired by our 3 time National Champion MSF Show Stopper, whose offspring have been admired by many! p.s. I am just a little crazy about her!

LUA Sterling's Tutti

DOB: 06/08/20
(LUA Sterling's Sensation x BKL Ashe)
The italian meaning of Tutti is 'all together' and this name is so fitting for today, and was chosen especially for this little charmer. She is always 'on' and ready, and we are all in this together! Ashe had been truly uncomfortable for days. Both our farm veterinarian and his wife have had serious health issues this spring and while always there by phone, could not get to the farm. We kept watching and doing all we could do. The day she was born we were fortunate that he could come for a farm call. As in Valerie's delivery, the vet said Ashe needed to be having her baby. We did as directed and Praise God this little darling entered our world 5 hours later. We just love her and are so grateful that both she and mama are Ok. She looks so much like her National Champion Sire!! We love her color and color pattern and she is so very correct!! I first seen Ashe as a juvenile while judging in Wisconsin and inquired about her availability once I returned back home. We had a lot of fun showing her, and she earned 85 Show points and 11 Championships and she is a finished Halter Champion! Ashe is a wonderful mom and we have been very Blessed with her production for our farm!!
You can see more of Tutti on our Winner's Circle page!!

LUA Show-Girl
DOB: 06/02/20
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Wave's Of Diamonds)
Prior to her birth, we had all males born spring 2020. Not only were we elated to finally have a female born, but just look at her! She is a Vision of Beauty!! Bloodlines are so very important to our farm and you will read enough about Show Stopper on these pages, so I am going to limit space here for this little ladies Dam. Diamond earned 115 show points and 10 Championships in one year of showing! Diamond is a finished Halter Champion who is out of an exotic lovely black and white paint suri who was out of another strapping, tall, black and white suri Beauty!! Top this greatness off that Diamond is sired by WL Heat Wave. Really do not need to say much more. We are so very grateful to have this charmer out of this cross!!
You can see more of Tilly on our Winner's Circle page!!

LUA ShowStoppers Blue Violet
~ DOB: 10/16/19 ~ (MSF Show Stopper x LUA Bravado’s Bold Expectations)
Violet is the NUMBER 1 Yearling female of 2020!
This fancy female is the 3rd for her National Champion Producing Dam. If the past is any indication of the future, well then she has a pretty impressive road ahead of her. Her Dam's Sire and Dam are both National Champions, and her Dam is a granddaughter of National Champion WLK Heat Wave, and through blood, she has the exact same genetic base as the Amazing LUA Bravado's Triple Crown. Even though Bold Expectations was only shown during her juvenile year, she still Finished her Halter Championship, being a 6 time Champion and earning 55 Halter points. Once in production, she has been out producing herself ever since. Now add to all of this the Incredible Show Stopper....need I say more?

LUA Symphony Of Praise
~ DOB: 9/15/19 ~ (DDH’s Sebastian x LUA Glorious Status)
Symphony is the NUMBER 2 Yearling female of 2020!
Fall 2019 brought us the first Sebastian cria for our farm, and he did not disappoint! We love the frames, color, correctness, fleece-type and dispositions all his babies seem to have. Add to his mix our Champion-Champion producing herd of females and BOOM!! Thus we introduce our little lady Symphony! Her National Champion, Best Of Show winning Dam, who has produced Multiple Champions and National Champions, is one of the tallest on our farm. Symphony is a maternal sister to Multiple Halter Champions: LUA Bravado's By Design, LUA Bravado's Triple Crown and LUA Splashes Of Happy! For some Herdsire history, Symphony carries the blood of National Champion Bravado, National Champion Heat Wave; Multiple National Champion sire: Status Symbol and National Champion Sebastian! Her maternal grandma: GirlsJustWannaHaveFun was a Reserve National Champion MW Yearling female back in the day when those classes were so huge at The Grand Nationals they had to be split! We look forward to watching her grow and mature!

LUA Blessed Status DOB: 10/14/18 (Status Symbol x BKL Angel)
We are Thrilled to announce the return of Betty to our farm spring 2021!! Thank You Katrina for making this possible!! We loved her always and were at a crunch time for needed space when she was made available, and quickly selected by Katrina. We are soooo excited to have her home!! Not only due to her outrageous looks, also due to her amazing pedigree. Our Multiple National Champion Sire, Status Symbol daughters have hit it out of the park in production for our farm. Betty's dam is also the dam of LUA Notably Happy who has been selected Best Of Show at every single show he has been shown at to date!! We may have breeding announcements soon.

LUA Sprinkles Of Happy
~ DOB: 9/29/18 ~ (Oh Happy Day x LUA My Darlin' Status)
Halter Champion ~ Finished ILR Halter Champion
2019 ILR National Champion Heavy Wool Juvenile Female; 2019 ILR National Grand Champion Heavy Wool Fe; 2019 LFA World Futurity Champion
~ Sprinkles is the #2 two yr. old female of 2020!
Whoa, this one here is something else! She gets her name from all of her little black sprinkles on her face and legs! DNA tests have confirmed that her sire is our National Champion Oh Happy Day, who himself is a 3rd generation National Champion! We have already had a number of serious inquiries into this amazing gal, however due to the depth of power in the genetics in the dam line of her mama, we will probably be hanging onto her as long as we are still showing and breeding Champion Llamas! We look forward to her future! 2019 Update! Sprinkles hit the show ring Strong! With First Place Wins both times out and even Two Grand Championships to boot! We love her! Next stop The Gathering & LFA World Futurity! Oh My and did she do us proud! This young Lady was so named the 2019 ILR National Champion Juv. HW Female and The 2019 ILR National Grand Champion Heavy Wool Female and the next day she was pinned the 2019 LFA World Futurity Champion 5-12 months female! She led the charts as the Number 1 Juvenile Female before turning a year old, and that was without 3 of her shows added in! Visit our Winner's Circle page to see all of her Wins!!

LUA Wave's Of Royalty
~ DOB: 5/23/18 ~ (WLK Heat Wave x LUA Thanksgiving Status)
Halter Champion ~ 2019 ILR National Champion Medium Wool Yearling Female
The definition of Royalty is of royal blood or status and that is exactly what we have here in this gorgeous gal! Her dam
has produced 3 National Champions, one of them who is a two-time National Champion! Her sire has Sired multiple National Champions as well! We are so grateful to have this little beauty, along with her two full sisters, and one of her maternal brothers here on our farm! We are looking forward to what the future has in store for this special Royally bred gal! All of these pictures, except the far right picture, were taken the day she was born! Royalty may be our final offspring from our GREAT Herdsire WLK Heat Wave. UPDATE! At only 5 mos, at her first show, Royalty won 2nd place & Top 3 Champion MWF at the 2018 NAILE! 2019 Update! Royalty hit the show ring Strong! With First Place Wins both times out and even a Grand Championship to boot! She is doing well in novice performance also, and you can see all of her winning ways on our Winner's Circle pages.

LUA Happy Blessings
~ DOB: 04/15/18 ~ (Oh Happy Day x LUA Wave's Of Victory)
Halter Champion ~ Finished ILR Halter Champion ~ Best Of Show Champion
2019 LFA World Futurity Res. Champion
~ Blessing & BA tied for the #1 Juvenile female of 2018! Blessing is the NUMBER 1 two yr. old female of 2020!
Once upon a time there was a llama born affectionately called 'Lovey', aka LUA Wave's Of Victory. Lovey had an extremely difficult entrance into our world, and it is a miracle that she is here today. Lovey was born to National Champion LUA Bravado's Victory, sired by National Champion Bravado and out of National Champion Final Choice. Lovey went on to be named National Champion Juvenile female in 2014. In 2017 Lovey was bred to National Champion Oh Happy Day (whom both his sire and grand sire are National Champions), and the result of that special pairing is this girl we have right here. UPDATE! Blessing attended her first shows late fall 2018! She won triple 1st place wns & Res. Champion Suri Fe at the 2018 NAILE! 2019 Update! Blessing hit the show ring Strong! With First Place Wins both times out and even Two more Championships to boot! We love her and she will make a Fun Performance Partner too! You can see all of her winning ways on our Winner's Circle pages.

His Blessed Assurance
~ DOB: 04/10/18 ~ (SRLL Feyd x HF Stacey)
Halter Champion ~ Finished ILR Halter Champion
2019 ILR National Res. Champion Light Wool Female
~ BA & Blessing tied for the #1 Juvenile female of 2018!
Affectionately called BA, what happiness it brings to have a full sister to Valerie. This girl has been special since the day she arrived. With a 39 lb. birthweight she came in large and strong. We are grateful to have her, and several family members, here on our farm. UPDATE! BA attended her first shows late fall 2018! She won triple first place silky juvenile Fe at NAILE! At her first show in 2019, BA was double Grand Champion! She is off to The Gathering next! We have begun working with her in performance and it looks like She will make a Fun Performance Partner too! You can see all of her winning ways on our Winner's Circle pages. BA has been bred to Oh Happy Day for fall 2021!

LUA Inspiration Status

DOB: 6/01/19
(Status Symbol x Stage Stop Free Spiritt)
We Love everything about this Female! She had a difficult entrance into our world and had it not been for wonderful helpers she may not be here. As with all of our Status Symbol daughters, she has incredible fleece, is very correct and is ever so charming in her personality! I AM HOOKED!! She Loves to give kisses and say hello!! 2020 Update, she has grown well, and is maturing into an exceptional female. Her bone, depth and coverage keep coming in. She is nice sized and we are sad that she did not get the chance to strut her stuff as a Juvenile, but due to the cancellation of all of our spring shows she will have to hit it strong as a yearling, fingers crossed, we feel she has the power to do it!
LUA Bold Happiness is the 2019 ILR National Grand Champion Suri Female!

LUA Bold Happiness
~ DOB: 10/14/17 ~ (Oh Happy Day x LUA Bravado's Bold Expectations)
Champion ~ Finished Halter Champion as a Juvenile ~ She is the NUMBER 1 Adult female of 2020!
Pretty special female here. She already has a pending waiting list. For now she is a keeper! Thank you for all of the interest. If one looks at her pedigree and spends some time there researching, you will see Multiple National Champions. 2018 UPDATE Bold Happiness has been to two shows and has won first place both times & she was named Grand Champion! She finished out her first year of showing earning her prestigious Halter Championship status and she competed in performance classes and did well there too!! WOW!! She is the 2019 ILR-SD National Champion Yearling Suri Female; and The 2019 ILR-SD National Grand Champion Suri Female. She too is a Finished Halter Champion and she should have been our entry into the LFA World Futurity this year, but when you have a boat full of yearling females and can only choose one to show you guess and by gosh and then select one. Top all of this off with the fact that this amazing female is FULLY PERFORMANCE TRAINED, already capturing Novice Performance Championships! On her sire’s side alone we have 3 generations of National Champions, and Bold Happiness makes 4. AND on her Dam’s side, her maternal grandma is a National Grand Champion and her maternal grandpa is a National Grand Champion! Whew, that’s a LOT of National Champions! Visit our Winner's Circle page to see how well she has done!

Sterling's Silver Lining
DOB: 04/02/20 (LUA Sterling's Sensation x Mae Dae)
We recently added this special girl to our farm July 2021. We have admired her since seeing her baby pictures. Her mama was an outside breeding to Sterling, and they did well. Her Dam: Mae Dae is a large paint female with some of the grandest bloodlines, history followers will love her pedigree. Mae Dae is a Champion producer who is by Hard Rock's Mission Statement (GVL Chilean Icon x Uptown Girl) and she is out of Deserae, a producer of several beauties. Silver Lining is sired by National Champion, multiple Best Of Show Champion: LUA Sterling's Sensation, you can read a lot about him on the pages of our website! Silver Lining has lovely lines, ample bone and the prettest head and ear set you could imagine. She came with a near body shear due to the fineness of her fleece and all that it contained! You may see her at a show near you!

BC's Angel's Sylver Sensation
~ DOB:7/26/19 ~ (LUA Sensational Status x BC's Angel's Sylver Sensation)
Multiple Show Winner and multiple Res. Champion
Sylver is a daughter of a male we raised and affenctionately called 'Moose'. He was a monster in size and a full sibling to our two tallest females, who happen to be National Champions: LUA Glorious Status and LUA Glowing With Glory Status. I have tried purchasing him back, to no avail. Sylver caught my eye while browsing the ILR database one morning, not only due to her being a daughter of Moose, but her looks reminded me so much of her paternal Grandma, Multiple Halter Champion: GirlsJustWannaHaveFun! I have long admired her maternal grandsire, Multiple Champion winning: BAL Steuben, and several of his incredible get as well. We are excited and grateful to add her to our farm!

BC Royal Luna DOB: 4/23/20
(MSF Angus x BC Steuben's Match Point)
Luna: A name with Beauty straight from the Heavens. Throughout the years llamas come into our lives for various reasons. Many fondly remember Ray Williamson, and all of the Awesome llamas that came out of his breeding program! We were able to purchase a female bred by him several years ago, who is Luna's Maternal grandmom. We continually assess llamas on our farm and hubby places a huge factor on dispositions, etc., thus against my wishes, and with the understanding an offspring would return to us, she was made available. We are grateful to add this special girl to our herd and did so December 2020. Luna has an incredibly royal pedigree with at least 6 National Champions, with even more National Champion producers.

**************REFERENCE SIRES & DAMS*************

MSF Show Stopper
2017, 2018 National Champion
Multiple Champion Sire, sire of:
LUA ShowStopper's Blue Violet

LUA Show-Girl
LUA Show-Me Your Glory

WLK Heat Wave
Mega National Champion
~ Mega World Futurity & Show Champion Sire
sire of:

LUA Wave's Of Royalty

Star Status Symbol
Mega National Champion Sire ~
Mega World Futurity & Show Champion Sire

Sire of:
LUA Blessed Status

LUA Inspiration Status
Grand sire of:

LUA Isn't She Wonderful
LUA The Hand Of Hope
LUA Wave's Of Thanksgiving

LUA Sterling's Sensation
2016 National Champion
Multiple Champion Sire, sire of:
LUA Sterling's Tutti
Sterling's Silver Lining
LUA Sterling's Moonlit Miracle

DDH's Sebastian
2013 National Champion
Multiple Champion Sire, sire of:
CRLF Ariel
LUA Symphony Of Praise
LUA Sebastian's Delilah

Oh Happy Day
2016 National Champion
Multiple Champion Sire, sire of:
LUA Sprinkles Of Happy
LUA Bold Happiness
LUA Happy Blessings

SRLL Feyd ~ Halter Champion
Multiple National Champion Sire
sire of: His Blessed Assurance

LUA Sensational Status
Multiple Halter Champion
Sire of: BC's Angel's Sylver Sensation


BAL Steuben ~ Best Of Show Champion, Multiple Halter Champion Maternal Grandsire of:
BC's Angel's Sylver Sensation

and BC Royal Luna

MSF Angus ~ Best Of Show Champion, Multiple Halter Champion Sire of: BC Royal Luna

Reference DAM ~ BC Steuben's Guardian Angel Dam of:
BC's Angel's Sylver Sensation

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Reference DAM
BC Steuben's Steuben's Match Point Dam of:
BC Royal Luna