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You may not be an angel 'cause angels
are so few but until the day that one
comes along I'll string along with you.
-George and Ira Gershwin, "I've Got a Crush on You"

Below are our maiden females. Most all of these girls on this page have winning show records, and will range in age from one year on up, until she becomes a Mom! Many may be for sale. Feel free to Email us if you spot a special lady on this page that piques your interest, or if you have any questions about her. Sire photos of our maiden females can be found in our Reference Sire section at the bottom of this page. If we do not own the Dam, but have a photo of her, she will be shown below as a Reference Dam within the Reference Sire section.

LUA Wave's Of Diamonds
~ DOB: 5/25/16
(WLK Heat Wave x Needmor's Michief Maker )
We feel this is a pretty Special female! She is YUMMY and is attracting a lot of attention! We Love Her! She has the fleece of her mama with the conformation and incredible presence from both parents. We are excited about her future! Diamond is scheduled to make her debut at the March Llama Madness Show in April!

LUA Bravado's LoveSong
~ DOB: 5/20/16
(Hard Rock's Bravado x Hard Rock's Drama Queen)
This darling is something special. We had every intention of breeding her dam to Status Symbol last spring. God had other plans and this little darling is by the hand of God. She is a Maternal sister to Hard Rock's Hallelujah, one of our current Show Champions in our 2016 Show String! LoveSong is correct with tons of style and an incredible fleece.

LUA Wave's Of Thanksgiving
~ DOB: 5/14/16
(WLK Heat Wave x LUA Thanksgiving Status)
Love this girl and was soooo excited when she was born! This Beauty is a Full Sister to the reigning 2014 ILR National winning MW juvenile female: LUA Wave's Of Blessings, who is also a finished Halter Champion! Each one of Thanksgiving's offspring have been National Champions! LUA Bravado's Magnificent: A 2 time ALSA National Grand Champion; LUA Wave's Of Blessings ILR-SD National Champion Juvenile MWF; and LUA Sterling's Sensation: ILR-SD National Grand Champion Heavy Wool Male! Wonder what the future has in store for this amazing girl! Thankful is scheduled to make her debut at the March Llama Madness Show in April!

LUA Ultimate Status ~
DOB: 9/07/15 ~ Multiple Halter Champion ~ Finished ILR Halter Champion
(Star Status Symbol x Hearts And Flowers)
I just Love her! She knows it too, she comes running up to me each time she sees me! She is sired by Finished Halter Champion, Best of Show Champion, Get of Sire Champion, Celebrity World Futurity Get of Sire Champion: Star Status Symbol. Her dam is a lovely black and white suri who a maternal granddaughter of WLK Heat Wave. She is a Full sister to Multiple Show Champion LUA Success Status, a silver & white suri! These bloodlines are cherished on this farm. UPDATE! Ultima attended her first show, the highly competitive March Llama Madness and she finished a strong 1st in the juvenile suri female class! She was named the Top 3 Champion of the Suri Female Division, & won a Top 3 placement in the Futurity! At her 2nd show she won her class and was Awarded Grand Champion at the Hillsdale Hobo Hootenany! See more of Ultima's Winning Ways on our Winner's Circle Pages!

LUA Bravado's By Design
~ DOB: 9/07/15 ~ Multiple Halter Champion ~ Finished ILR Halter Champion
(Hard Rock's Bravado x LUA Glorious Status)
Another STUNNER! This girl is out of TWO National Champions! Another female that carries Triple deep Purple Producing Genetics of our farm! Genetics that have carried offspring to Victory after Victory! 'Diva' is sired by the incomparable Bravado, and she is out of a National Champion daughter of Status Symbol ~ who is also a granddaughter of Heat Wave! WOW! If you have followed any of these amazing offspring to date, you have seen them garner Multiple Championships! This gal is a FULL sister to the incomparable LUA Bravado's Triple Crown!! UPDATE: At her very first show, Diva was a First place Class winner at the Hillsdale Hobo Hootenany! Diva is a Multiple Class Winner and is earning Championships, she has earned her Halter Championship Status! See more of Diva's Winning Ways on our Winner's Circle Pages!

HF Valerie ~ DOB: 2/08/16 ~ Finished Halter Champion ~ 2017 ILR National Grand Champion Silky Female
(SRLL Feyd x HF Stacey)
I first met Valerie at the Ohio State Fair when her original owner tried to encourage me to purchase her there. He remebered how much I had iked her Dam & her Dam's maternal sister (having tried to purchase them both). He shared how he felt Valerie was the best llama he had ever produced. However at that time I was trying to encourage him to keep her, and sell some of his others becuase he enjoyed showing. I seen him again at NAILE and soon we made the decision to buy her. Valerie was triple winner at NAILE and also earned 3 Championships and she was selected as the best Juvenile of The Show! Valerie has great size, color, bone and bloodlines! She has already held her own in the Winner's Circle and we are looking forward to adding her to our 2017 Show String and future breeding program.

BKL Ashe DOB: 6/27/15 ~ Multiple Halter Champion ~ Finished ILR Halter Champion
(PVL Height Of Perfection x GNLC Moxy)
I'm always drawn to special llamas, amazing pedigrees and certain individuals that possess an extra edge. When I first seen Ashe she captured my attention! When an inquiry to her breeders shared that both she and her paternal sister, shown below were available, after a bit of discussion, photos and videos, we made our decision. I was able to bring them home from The ILR National Show where Ashe had won a nice 5th place finish in her very tough class! I remember seeing her sire sell in 2014 and the same weekend he went on to be named the ILR National Champion Adult MWM and The ILR Reserve National Champion MWM! He was a strong, well built impressive male. Ashe's dam is an own daughter of the Great GNLC Merlin, who is the sire of several Multiple Champion offspring. We feel fortunate to have her on our farm. Once we added her to our show string, Ashe did very well!! You can see Winning Ways on our Winner's Circle Page!

BKL Angel
DOB: 8/11/15 ~ Multiple Show Winner
(PVL Height Of Perfection x Wild West Mysteria)
This is such a pretty female who is built like a powerhouse! When an inquiry to her breeders shared that she was available, along with Ashe above, we selected her too! I was able to bring them home from The ILR National Show. In 2014 I had seen her sire capture the ILR National Champion Adult MWM and The ILR Reserve National Champion Wins! He was a strong, well built impressive male. Angel's dam is similarly bred to a favorite female we used to own: Wild West Willow, so we were naturally drawn to those bloodlines. We feel fortunate to have both these girls on our farm.
Hard Rock's Hallelujah DOB: 4/25/15
~ Finished ILR Halter Champion

(Hard Rock's Prime Asset x Hard Rock's Drama Queen)
What a Beauty we have here! Her dam has bloodlines we really appreciate as she is sired by the colorful Woodsedge Phast & Phurious, whose offspring have been doing very well! Plus she is out of WLK Hot Summer Nights who herself is an own daughter of the incomparable WLK Heat Wave! Cross those lines with Hard Rock's Prime Asset (Caspian x MHF Sirius Asset ~ Both World Futurity Champions) this girl has a really deep pedigree! UPDATE! 'Treasure' attended her first show, the highly competitive March Llama Madness and she finished a strong 1st and 2nd in the juvenile silky female class! She was also named the Top 3 and Top 4 Champion of the Silky Female Division! Treasure has had a lovely Show Career, winning many classes and acquiring some Championships!! See more of Treasure's Winning Ways on our Winner's Circle Page!

LUA The Hand Of Grace
~ DOB: 6/30/16
(MGF Argentine The Master's Hand x LUA Wave's Of Jubilation)
The definition of God's Grace is simply defined as unmerited favor. We've had some really warm days, too warm. This week we were blessed with a bit of a cooling. Two maiden's have been overdue, one delivered Tuesday, the male below out of LUA Wave's Of Blessings. Thursday morning while walking, one of my fervent prayers was that Laya would deliver that day. Lloyd kept saying she would not. She did. My other prayer was for rain, in which it did! Hubby has already declared 'This girls a Keeper'. We could not have asked for a more patient, tolerant first time mama. Thank's be to God for His indescribable gifts! Lloyd chose the name Clarise for her barn name as she reminds him of little Clarice on Rudolph. Clarise is scheduled to make her debut at the March Llama Madness Show in April! Clarise has had some really impressive placements at her first shows in 2017! Very soon I will put up our 2017 Winners Circle page!

LUA Bravado's Bold Expectations
~ DOB: 9/22/14
Multiple Halter Champion ~ Finished ILR Halter Champion
(Hard Rock's Bravado x LUA Glowing With Glory Status)
Another incredibly special suri female from these bloodlines! Full Sister to Multi Champion LUA Bravado's Status. She also has the exact same Bloodlines as the one-of-a-kind Multi Champion Winning LUA Bravado's Triple Crown. Last winter was the toughest on this girl. Having had to have been shut in for so long, lacking sunshine, play time, etc., she struggled some. Thank goodness she came through ok, but it took it's toll. Time, green grass and weaning are helping. She is definitely worth the wait and we believe she will be worth reataining here as well. UPDATE! She has been climbing up the placings! Her first show she was 3rd, her second show 2nd and this past weekend, she won a competitive class and was pinned Reserve Champion Suri Female out of a very strongly entered division! Bold Expectations was 1st & Grand Champion at the Ohio State Fair!! Bold Expectations has a repeat at the Indiana State Fair at both the ALSA and the ILR-SD shows she stood 1st and Grand Champion, and to top it off she was the ILR-SD Judge's reserve pick for Best of Show Female! She did it again! At The 2015 Lamafest she was Double Grand Champion Suri Female for ALSA & ILR!!
pssst....we've bred Bold Expectations to Oh Happy Day for fall 2017! Stay Tuned!!
LUA Wave's Of Dreams DOB: 5/27/15
(WLK Heat Wave x LUA Bravado's Heaven Sent)
Show Winner & Multiple Champion!
~ Finished ILR Halter Champion

The strength in the lineage of Heaven Sent & her full siblings, we believe are the most winning-est llamas out of a Dam. Spend some time on the ILR database and you will see for yourself what I am speaking of. Three of them are National Champions, and several can be found on our Winner's Circle pages, as each have won multiple Championships. Take a look at Heat Wave's record as a Sire, and Grandsire. We do believe we have a really special girl here. Both mom and dad are National Champions, and both maternal grandsire and granddam are National Champions! Dream attended her first show, the highly competitive March Llama Madness, she finished with a strong 1st placement under Both Judges!! She was named Reserve Champion & Top 4 Champion of the Heavy Wool Female Division! At her 2nd show she won her class and was Awarded Grand Champion at the HHH! See more of her Winning Ways on our Winner's Circle Pages!

Ollendick Farms Shaelyn
~ DOB: 7/09/16
Futurity Winner ~ Multiple Show Winner
(Ollendick Farms Switching Gears x LUA Bravado's Amazing Love)
We purchased Shaelyn at the 2017 March Llama Madness Sale Of Champions! Shaelyn is out of a Special Bravado daughter whose dam line has produced multiple National Champions! Shaelyn is sired by a male who captured everyone's attention when he was shown by winning Multiple Best Of Show Championships, Futurity wins and The National Grand Champion title as well! Her purple pedigree even goes back to the late Great gentle giant: GNLC Merlin. Shaelyn began her show career winning the highly competitive MLM Prospect Futurity! We took her to the HHH show where she won her class and a Reserve Championship in Halter. At the Daffodil Classic she was awarded another Blue! We are grateful to have her grace our pastures and hopefully carry on the greatness of the outstanding llamas in her famous pedigree.
Cloudbirth Of Dakota Ridge DOB: 5/19/16
(Wunsapana's Aslan x SQL Charming)
Cloud & Hwin are not yet a year old, the age when we move keeper females to our Maiden Female page. Since they are offspring added onto our farm as future breeding females, this is the reason they are placed on this page, at this time. Cloud is pure love and sweetness, captured in a nicely framed, beautifully fleeced package. Her natural calmness definitely reflects the character in whom she was named after. Not sure if she will get time in the show ring yet, however we sure are enjoying her Beauty and all of her kisses. We are drawn to her Best Of Show winning sire, his bloodlines, and his unique self! Additionally her dam traces back to long ago admired bloodlines from Triple J Farms, and one of my most favorite show partners of all times: TJ's Moonliter! Those that have known us the longest in the Llama Industry will fondly remember Moonliter and some of our impressive times in the Show Ring!

Hwin Of Dakota Ridge DOB: 5/21/16
(Wunsapana's Aslan x SQL Cliquot)
Hwin is out of a large Appy female that is sired by the famous FVL Sirius. Hwin is sired by the Incredible Best of Show winning Aslan, as is her paternal sister Cloud! Scroll through the ILR database and you can see many impressive names in this gals lineage. Hwin is quite stylish herself and she will gain much attention! She might enter the show ring as a yearling, if not before. She is very correct and has a Beautiful face. She is all full of herself and is constantly encouraging play among those in her pasture! She fits her breeder's chosen name to a "T". She most definitely seems shy at first, with clear, reasonable thinking. She might become a great leader of her group! We are expecting good things from this fancy girl and we are so very grateful to have both these girls reside on our farm and look forward to what their futures hold in store for them, and our farm! Hwin has 3 Class WINS plus a Championship at her first 3 shows!

Stage Stop Rebecca DOB: 7/08/16
(Stage Stop Suri Storm x MGF Jontue)
We purchased a group of 4 females from Sally Rucker summer of 2017. Originally I wanted a female from her the summer before but could not seem to arrange transport. With Sally & Jeff coming to the ILR National show it was a nice time to make some selections and get these gals to Michigan! We did show Rebecca at The Gathering and she had a nice placement in a highly competitive class! We are very happy with Rebecca and look forward to her future on our farm and adding her incredible genetics into our established herd of Champions!

Stage Free Spiritt DOB: 5/22/16
(Stage Stop Cosmic Force x CTW Dory)
Free Spiritt is another female we purchased from Sally. We Love her! She is put together just the way you want them to be. She had a lovely placement at The Gathering! She ended up the ILR National Reserve Champion Yearling Heavy Wool Female. One of the Judge's actually gave her the class Win! We are very happy to have acquired Free Spiritt and look forward to showing her some more and then adding her incredible genetics into our established herd of Champions! Free Spiritt has continued her Winning Ways! We took her to the Iowa State Fair and the Fulton Co. Fair dual sanctioned show where she stood First Place and Grand Champion each time! At Lamafest, another dual sanctioned show, she won her class both days and was pinned Grand Champion and Res. Champion!

Stage Stop Mary Nell DOB: 5/22/16
(Stage Stop Ice Trucker x MGF Desire)
Mary is another nice female from Sally.
I am a sucker for a nice silver colored female with a stretchy frame and that is what we have in this girl.
The Judge's at the ILR National show thought so too and she ended up the 2017 ILR National Reserve Champion Yearling Medium Wool Female!
One of the Judge's even complimented her breeder
she liked her so much.
With a heavy yearling line up already we are not too sure how much she will get out to more shows however we are certain how much we like her and how fun it will be to add her amazing genetics into our already established herd of Champions!
Stage Stop Ice Princess II DOB: 6/22/16
(MGF IceBreaker x CMM Kallissa)
Our final female of the 4 that came from Sally is Ice Princess! This fun female is all painted up in a pretty black and white package! Her sire, MGF Icebreaker is an own son of the great Argentine Don Zunca!
MGF Icebreaker is a male I have admired for a very long time. Ice Princess is very well built on a substantial frame (as are all these 'Sally' gals) and we think she will be
a lot of fun adding into our breeding pool.
She is very sweet and she just may make a nice partner for one of our nieces or future 4-hers.
We do plan on keeping all 4 of these ladies and putting them into production when they come of age.
Needmor's Rise And Shine
Multiple Show
Champion ~ DOB: 10/04/14
(Needmor's Match Point x ALOHA Rumpleminz)
Through the years we have seen her sire & paternal sire garner Multiple Championships & believe both to be finished Halter Champions. Shine herself had very respectable placements at her very first show, the March Llama Madness while just 5 mos old. She won her class at her second show & was Reserve Champion Silky female behind our girl LUA Wave's Of Blessings. We really like the size and stretch on this girl and look forward to showing her more, and then in her production when that time comes. Shine is a paternal sister to Needmor's Mischief Maker who has produced 2 stunning cria to date. Shine has won most of her halter classes and has garnered several Championships! Browse our Winners Circle 2015-2016 page to capture all of her wins! pssst....we've bred Shine to Oh Happy Day for Spring 2018! Stay Tuned!!
***********************REFERENCE SIRES & DAMS*********************

Hard Rock's Bravado
Mega National Champion Sire
Mega World Futurity & Show Champion Sire

sire of:
LUA Bravado's By Design
LUA Bravado's Bold Expectations
LUA Bravado's LoveSong

WLK Heat Wave
Mega National Champion
~ Mega World Futurity & Show Champion Sire
sire of:

LUA Wave's Of Dreams
LUA Wave's Of Thanksgiving
LUA Wave's Of Dyamonds

Star Status Symbol
Mega National Champion Sire ~
Mega World Futurity & Show Champion Sire

Sire of:
LUA Ultimate Status
LUA MY Darlin' Status

Grand sire of:

LUA Wave's Of Blessings
LUA Wave's Of Jubilation
LUA Wave's Of Excitement

Hard Rock's Prime Asset

(GNLC Caspian x MHF Sirius Asset)
sire of:
Hard Rock's Hallelujah

MGF Argentine The Master's Hand
Multiple Champin Sire
sire of:

LUA The Hand Of Grace

Needmor's Match Point
Champion Sire
- sire of:
Needmor's Mischief Maker
Needmor's Rise And Shine

Wunsapana's Aslan - sire of:
Cloudbirth Of Dakota Ridge
Hwin Of Dakota Ridge

Reference DAM ~ Wild West Mysteria Dam of: BKL Angel

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PVL Height Of Perfection
Multiple Champin Sire
sire of:
BKL Angel & BKL Ashe