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Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
"I will try again tomorrow"


Introducing LUA Bubba's Little Darlin'! A stunning little jennet born 6/16/2014! She has loads of color in her pedigree and is as cute as they come! She is very correct and had a birth height of 20". Her dam is our amazing LUA Celebrate In Style and her sire is our awesome LUA Maxx's Black Bubba! This little girl has loads of potential with tons of color, and quality in her pedigree! She is weaned, halter & lead broke. Little Darlin's is most definitely show quality!

LUA FP's Beauty In Black, a STUNNING All Black, NLP Miniature Jennet foal. Born May 24, 2014 this is what we breed for! You can breed for years and not come up with the quality of this gal. She is out of our Bubba daughter: LUA Bubba's Little Dotti and is Sired by Windcrest FinePrint! Lots of small, black genetics here folks! This show quality jennet is weaned, halter & lead broke and she is a real sweetheart. If you are shopping for a show or breeding jennet, they do not come much better than this little gal! Did I mention that she is as sweet as they come? We are very pleased with our FinePrint/Bubba crosses!

LUA FP's Little Jacks is a gorgeous tiny dark brown jack foal, this time out of our stunning LUA Bubba's Maggie Mae! She is a first time Dam and is doing very well! If you are shopping for a future breeding jack, filled with color and small genetics, here you go! His sire is all black, his maternal grandsire is black and his dam is a black roan. His birth height was 20". Serious donkey shppers know what that means! He was born June 1. 2014. Jacks is weaned, halter & lead broke. Did I mention his dam is stunning? He is a carbon copy of the above little jennet. Sold ~ Thank You!

LUA Bubba's Jacob, CUTENESS ALERT, did I mention cute? Born May 27, 2014, This little guy had a 21" birth height and he is as cute and correct as they come! He is sired by our famous LUA Maxx's Black Bubba and he is out of Triple AAA Maggie! They do not come along much nicer than this folks!! Jacob is Show Quality and he is weaned, halter and lead broke.
Sold ~ Thank You!


We have been raising miniature donkeys of color and distinction for 17 years. Our goals in raising all of our animals and this carries over into our miniature donkeys as well, are conformation, disposition, color, size, and bloodlines. All of our miniature donkeys are registered with ADMS. Through the years we have raised and shown many award winning miniature donkeys. We have not had the time to show them as late, but still strive hard to produce quality miniature donkeys. Most of our herd is of color, with the corner stone in breeding being LUA Maxx's Black Bubba. Bubba was sold at weaning age to Rosie & Everett Acker after Rosie had admired Maxx along with the offspring he was throwing. She had the chance to see Sidney, owned now by the Karmunga's and a full brother to Bubba. We purchased Bubba back along with a group of jennies, two of them being daughters of Maxx. Maxx is one of the prettiest black jacks around and the legacy he has left are outstanding. Bubba's dam line comes right from my heart and years of our breeding mini donkeys. His Dam: LUA Flash's Hannah is sired by mega winner LUA Jumpin' Jack Flash, a well conformed 31" dark brown jack with a black Dam. Hannah's Dam is a beautiful black jenny that also won for us in the show ring. Flash's daughters when bred to Maxx threw some outstanding foals, generally with color. Maxx left here to reside with Jon & Mary Nissen, Iowa. Contact us for some exciting additions to your herds, or if you are looking for the ultimate in love from a pet, or just need a great companion.
Email us if you have any questions about our miniature donkeys. Through the years with some of our Miniature Donkeys...

Lloyd with Sarah & Kaye Lynn Tami & LUA Kaye Lynn, Lloyd & LUA Peaches and Cream LUA Peaches And Cream LUA FP's Stardust
Lloyd with LUA Perseverance LUA Bubba's Little Dotti CJ & Fooler Persee says hello!
Betty Ann & Sarah LUA Flash's Hannah & LUA Maxx's Sidney LUA Bubba's Little Dotti


LUA Maxx's Black Bubba
(Spotted Acres Maxx x LUA Flash's Hannah)
31" tall black jack

Bubba's Sire & Dam:

Bubba's Sire: Spotted Acre's Maxx - 32 1/2"
Maxx is also the sire to Triple AAA Faith and Triple AAA Rosie both found on this page.

Bubba's Dam: LUA Flash's Hannah - 31 1/2"

LUA Flash's Hannah's Sire:
LUA Jumpin' Jack Flash - 31"

LUA Flash's Hannah's Dam:
LUA Black Beauty - 33"
Two full brothers to Bubba:
Photo to right: LUA Maxx's DejaVu
Congratulations to the Nissen's on his
Grand Championship!


Windcrest Fine Print DOB: 5/26/03
(My World Santana x KiTerra's Miss Ebony)
30" tall Black NLP Jack
Fine Print's Sire & Dam:
Fine Print's sire:
My World Santana

31" tall dark red jack
Fine Print's dam:
KiTerra's Miss Ebony

31" tall smoky black jenny
Brood and Maiden Jennets:

LUA Bubba's Maggie Mae
~ DOB: 5/25/10 ~ (LUA Maxx's Black Bubba x Triple AAA Maggie)
21 1/2" birth height. We are thinking she may be a black roan or perhaps a dark brown roan. Maggie Mae is a beautiful jennet. She is very correct and could be a show donkey. Maggie Mae is truely gorgeous! She became a mom 6/1/14!

Triple AAA Maggie - 32"
Maggie is a beautiful brown roan jenny.
Maggie is the dam of these girls & others too!
LUA Bubba's Amazing Love
LUA Bubba's Eight Belles
LUA Bubba's Maggie Mae

LUA Bubba's Little Dotti - 34" DOB: 6/29/06
(LUA Maxx's Black Bubba x J & E Libby)

Dotti has had 3 exquisite foals sired by Fine Print.

LUA FP's Celebrate In Style ~ DOB: 7/03/08
(Windcrest Fine Print x Painted Lady) brown and white spotted jennet
. She stood 32" tall as a yearling. She had a gorgeous NLP Black jennet at born 6/4/12! In 2014 she did it again with an amazing 20" chocolate jenny foal!

LUA Bubba's Eight Belles ~ DOB: 5/26/08
(LUA Maxx's Black Bubba x Triple AAA Maggie)
21" birth height

***************************DONKEYS SOLD***************************
We wish to THANK all of our customers that have believed in our breeding program. Those that have chosen our little donkeys to add to or create their breeding herds, or the special ones chosen for pets and companions, and even those extra special donkey's that caught their eye just for the show ring! We thank each and every one of you!

LUA Bubba's SonRise
A pretty young Jack!
Thank You Becky!

LUA Bubba's Little Miracle

A very very special little jennet!
Thank You Walter Remski family!

Thank you for choosing Triple AAA Rosie
and to those for choosing her 2013 little black jack foal.

LUA FP's Black Beauty

A Gorgeous Jennet!
Thank You Walter Remski family!

LUA FP's Dominick

incredibly special black jack foal
Thank you Kati, Jason & family!

LUA FP's JuneBug
Nice little jennet
Thank you
Kati, Jason & family!

LUA Bubba's Little Firecracker
Thank you Lynette & Family!

Triple AAA Miss Independence
Thank you Mike Ely & family!

LUA Bubba's Amazing Love

We really love this jennet!
Thank you Maria & Sam!

Painted Lady, bred to Fine Print
and LUA Perseverance, pictured at right. Thank you Robin Ryan, MI

J & E Libby, bred to Bubba
Thank you Courtney
& John Cook, MI

LUA FP's Little Herbie
(Fine Print x India)
incredibly special jack foal
Thank you Robin Ryan, MI

LUA FP's FlapJack
(Fine Print x Rosie)
Awesome NLP chocolate jack foal
Thank you Robin Ryan, MI

LUA Bubba's Little Ditto
(Bubba x Libby)
Excellent black jack foal
Thank you Robin Ryan, MI

Triple AAA Faith
and her 2006 NLP black jenny foal
LUA FP's Stardust
Thank you Jim Reichenbach, MI

Triple AAA Tessa
and her 2006 grey jack foal
LUA Bubba's Matchbox
Thank you Jim Reichenbach, MI
LUA FP's Chuckie
Awesome NLP black jack foal
Thank you Jim Reichenbach, MI
LUA Bubba's Best Kept Secret
This darling little black jenny stood
just 26 1/2" tall at 7 months of age.
Thank you Jane du Plessis, CA!

LUA Bubba's Painted Joel
Excellent spotted jack foal
Thank you Louise Bell, MI!

LUA Bubba's Heartsong
Thank you Jane du Plessis, CA!

LUA Bubba's Morning Glory
Beautiful refined dark brown jenny
Thank you Bonnie Masters, MI!

LUA Bubba's Painted Traveler Beautiful spotted, small,
correct breeding jack!
Thank you Jerry & Lisa, MI!

LUA Bubba's Bring It On
Nice dark brown jack foal
Thank you Bonnie Masters, MI!

LUA Bubba's Roscoe
Great little dark brown jack foal
Thank you Weisenreder family, MI!

LUA I Can Only Imagine
Exceptional spotted jack foal
Thank you Kelsey Amidon
& family, OH!

Cisco & Sons Flower
dark brown jenny
Thank you Marilyn Kaiser, MI!

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